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I’m a saaaad person…

I haven’t really done much here at work today, it’s been a pretty easy day.

Basically all day I have been on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr just going from tab to tab… I know where everyone is and what they’re up to. Haha.

I’m soooooo booooorrreeeedddd… I know I shouldn’t say that, but I kinda liked that I was barely at my seat the last two weeks… I guess today is a chill day.

I was supposed to be in a meeting with one of my doctors right now… but he’s MIA. So I’m going to sit here and¬†twiddle¬†my thumbs until 5 PM. Haha.

You should talk to me: Google talk:… I’ll even make an appearance Skype… tnobno. :-)

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